3400 South Coffing Brothers Road Covington, IN 47932


Why Buy Coffing?

At Coffing Brothers Orchard, we strive to grow only the best apples for families across the Midwest. Whether you are looking for a sweet, crisp apple as a snack or the perfect apple to bake into a pie, our 16 varieties of apples are all guaranteed to be fresh! With our USDA certifications, state of the art facilities, and dedication, you can be sure you are buying apples of the highest quality.


USDA Certified Apples

All of our apples and facilities are USDA certified! Each year, a USDA inspector comes in to inspect our apple growing facilities to ensure that we meet all safety precautions, and we always make sure to pass with flying colors! This means all of our apples and apple growing facilities and equipment are clean, and all apples are handled with appropriate safety measures.


State of the Art Facilities

At Coffing Bros., we only use the best and latest technology to sort and store our apples. Apples destined for long term storage are placed in Controlled Atmosphere Rooms, where oxygen and carbon dioxide levels are maintained at prime levels for optimal quality. When apples come out of storage and hit the packing line, they are washed using the Freshpack System, a process where the apples are bathed in chlorine dioxide to kill off unwanted bacteria. In 2012, we installed a new electronic computerized packing line with advanced sorting technology. This handy piece of equipment ensures any apples that are too small, off color, wrinkled, or blemished never make it to the customer. This process ensures the apples are packaged gently, properly sanitized, and stay clean all the way to the grocery store!


Dedicated Apple Growers

We have been dedicated apple growers for over 107 years! Since 1907, the Coffing family has been providing fresh, juicy apples to families in the Midwest. Every apple we sell is grown right here on our Indiana farm. Our orchard is rich with history, and has seen many changes over the years. You can learn more about our orchard’s history here (link to history page), or you can come visit us in Covington, Indiana! Our store is open from the end of August to the end of May each year.


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